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Criminal Law
Constitutional Rights

Criminal Defense

For more than a decade Johnson has handled criminal law matters, as both prosecutor and defense attorney.. Today, they represent people with offenses such as Driving While Intoxicated and Prostitution to serious felony offenses such as Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

Johnson Law Firm PC understands good people make mistakes, which can lead to a criminal charge and jail. They also know police officers are just as human and can make mistakes, and when unchecked or unchallenged, innocent people may go convicted.

The United States Constitution guarantees that you are entitled to test the government's evidence and methods. Regardless of the accusation, you are entitled to a fair process and trial and deserve someone who will fight for your interest.  

Prostitution Charges and other potential offenses

Many have been charged, jailed and convicted of offenses, which might be conduct one committed because of their status as a human trafficking victim.

Recently, the Texas Legislature has begun to see the need to right these wrongs. Johnson has an extensive background in human trafficking investigations, areas of need and possible avenues for assistance. If you have questions about whether human trafficking victimization help applies to you, please call us for a free consultation. We are here to fight for you and your interest. 

Johnson Law Firm PC will do all they can to fight for you and ensure you have the chance, even where the government's case is strong, to take responsibility for your actions without harming your reputation for life. 

Juvenile Law
Child Advocacy

Many think a juvenile conviction won't hurt; They are wrong. Even an arrest record can cost a child their best future. 

Juvenile Law Consequences

A child being charged is a critical matter. Ages 10 -16 are formidable years and telling a child that they are a "criminal" can brand them and even set them on a path to meet those expectations.

Legally, juvenile law consequences may remain with a child throughout their life as some charges and adjudications can result in a permanent criminal record. Children often face being removed from their home and placed in local or state facilities.

Juvenile Delinquency

Many children in school are misunderstood and inappropriate behavior can lead to criminal charges when other interventions may best help. Many areas now have alternative specialty court programs in order to better assist and lessen the possibility of a criminal conviction. Johnson has significant experience in specialty courts.

Johnson is a former Juvenile Mental Health Court Defense Attorney handling cases for children with mental health diagnosis. Johnson is also a founding member of GIRLS (Growing Independence and Restoring Lives) Court.

Contact a Juvenile Law Attorney to best understand the consequences of your child's charges or allegations.

Civil Personal Injury
Abuse and Exploitatiom

Sexual assault and Rape

Ann Johnson has spent years advocating on behalf of victims of abuse and sexual exploitation, having worked with hundreds of women, and many men, who have suffered at the hands of exploiters and rapists. Johnson Law Firm PC knows many victims struggle with the belief they did something to deserve their assault. Often the seeds of this doubt are planted by the very people who harmed them.

School sexual assaults or school bullying

People say "boys will be boys" or "horse play" in school locker rooms can be part of growing up. Wrong.

Often children subjected to bullying are subjected to severe emotional harm and sexual style assaults. Children deserve that each school provide a safe environment. Unfortunately, that safety is not always provided, which is why Federal Law may allow you the opportunity to take the school to court to establish protections for all children.

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